Veterans’ Memorial Bell, Centralia PA

Veterans Memorial Bell in Centralia PA, 2006. Credit: Flickr/rocbolt

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  1. Bob Horne says:

    Excellent article. My grandfather’s family lived there. Today is his 111 birthday on troutwine street. He was Clarence George. Horn. Mother Sarah Whary Horn Father William Rhodes Horn. Just remembering. Robert Horne.

    • Bob says:

      I am grandson of Clarence Horne. Great grandson of Wiilam Rhodes Horn. I live on Trevorton road. You are connected through Walter. Growing up I knew Walter, Jenny, Elsie, Harriot,and of course Clarence. Keep in touch if you wish

  2. Beth Lewis says:

    I am begining work on the genealogy of William Rhodes Horne. I am the granddaughter of Walter Andrew Horn, son of William.

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