History of Centralia PA Before 1962

Centralia, PA in 1915. Looking north on Locust Ave. Credit: Offroaders.com

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  1. Tom Schmitt says:

    Today, in September of 2014, the government has to sit in waiting the for death of those few residents remaining who have been granted the right to live in their residence until their death. The government must prolong tearing into the approximate 2 trillion dollars in anthracite coal which lies beneath the ghost town of Centralia.

  2. erica miller says:

    I was just up there recently. The place where its located is on a beautiful area. Unfortunately, people feel its now a trash dumping ground. Garbage n Graffiti everywhere. Its a very sad thing to see.

  3. richard bissell says:

    Rita: This is some neat stuff. I know that my brother, David, visited Centralia several years ago and found the tombstones; I think though,
    were Bissell’s, but I forget the details. No doubt he will comment on this when he reads his email.


  4. Ave Glancey says:

    So that’s how the Brennans’ arrived in Germantown. I loved U-Jimmy. He had such a quiet presence about him – but you knew he loved children. He was so kind to us and always displayed his tomato garden w/ such pride. As my father used to say he was sorry we didn’t know his Mother; he revered his Mother, and spoke to me often about his Mother; our upstate kin….

  5. DARRYL says:

    I’m totally depressed about this whole ordeal its just mind blowing. it seamed like a lot of happy folks living the way people should what a tragic shame. my heart feels for all of them…

  6. John Helle says:

    The photograph of Locust Street in 1960 is dated incorrectly. Based on the cars in the photograph, it is at least 1965.

  7. Londa Lybolt says:

    To this day …ppl. still live there?? They must be elderly right? Ingesting those toxic fumes…got to be some sort of resistance toword it by now. Right??/Or wrong?….
    I just found this so interesting to find out more.

  8. Lori Dumm says:

    So what is haunting Centralia? I didnt see anything about being haunted.

    • Wendy Nicholson says:

      I’ve just been watching a programme about the hauntings it’s called My Ghost Story s5 ep5 that’s what brought me here to read more about the place. Very interesting stuff.

  9. Steven l Massey says:

    I was there Halloween weekend 2016 and really enjoyed it. Didn’t get to see the entire Town but plan on coming back next year. We also took pictures…. wish I could show them

    • Deb says:

      Omg I bet you had a wonderful time there I don’t live far from PA and just found this story never heard it before grabbed me right up

  10. shawna says:

    is this place hunted i just wanted to know bc i watch silent hill and it based off of it

  11. Gloria Butler says:

    I visited Centralia every year from 1992 till 2000. My kids and I walked highway 61. It’s very sad what people are doing with the trash and graffiti. It’s a beautiful place. I hope to go visit it again one day. Can’t wait to read the second part of the story.

  12. Sharon says:

    Hello from Northern California,
    I have a question: Are there geographical maps and the marking of locations of the mines and coal? I ask for just some idea to the extent of nature’s evolution process.

  13. i would like to contact someone who knows anything about the 5 hotels that were in centralia pa back in the early 1900s also anything about saloons from very early to when the town shut down

  14. Dave Schlott says:

    Interesting g history. Me neighbor moved from there in 1942.

  15. Joe Loftus says:

    We visited Centralia many times on our way to Mount Carmel . . .It was strange to see and smell the coal smoke, rising from the ground in the cemetery . . .

  16. Nancy R Fritchey says:

    My neighbor in north GA is very familiar with Centralia. He is now in his 80’s. I think he was mayor there in the 60’s, Charles Timko.

  17. David Graci says:

    I have an object with a name on it; “Ann Gaughan – Centralia, Pa.”. Dated to about 1880 and looking to find any history about her. Thanks, David

  18. Marlene Cronin says:

    My Mom’s first husbands family was from Centrailia. The lasat name was McGinley. Some, including her first husband Joseph, are buried in St. Ignatius cemetery. He was killed in a car accident a few months before their son (my half-brother) was born. As a child, we would go there often to visit my brother’s Gramam McGinley. I believe she said he had an great uncle who also owned a bar there. His grandfather, who played bugle, would walk from Centralia to Mt. Carmel every Memorial day to play in a parade or something like that. I have pictures of the family and the bugle and wish there was a historical society to donate things to.

    • L says:

      Ashland and Girardville both have Historical Societies and there are many people who might be interested in them

  19. Joe Cronlund says:

    Can anyone tell me about Centralia. I am writing a book about it from the very beginning when it first came about. If you have any stories please contact me at either my phone number (215)601-0326 or my email zjcronlu@gmail.com

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