Saint Ignatius Church, Centralia PA

Saint Ignatius Church in Centralia Pennsylvania from the early 1900s.

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  1. Linda Pericles says:

    Thank you for the lovely article. My grandmother, Harriet Lyons is buried in the cemetery there. I was able to visit the church and cemetery in the late 1980’s with relatives who live in Lewisburg. I am from Atlanta, but my mother talked about Centralia often, since she was originally from Mount Carmel. I have lived a very different life from my relatives in Pa, so I am always fascinated by Pa history.

    • Aston says:

      Can you tell me when the cemetery closed to new burials

    • Ms: Pericles ~ are you related to Helen Lyons a cousin of mine from the Centralia, Pa who lived in Atlanta in the 1960-70’s? My Grandmother was Ellen Rooney and was buried in St.Ig. Cemetery in the late ’40’s with husband Alexander Mcdonnell. My father changed the name to MacDonald early in 1900 when he moved the family to NJ/NY “when Irish need not apply”. Her sister was Esther Rooney who was married to James Flynn who passed in the 1918 Flu Epidemic.Any light you can share is appreciated.
      Donald MacDonald

  2. Michael Cavalla says:

    Can any one tell me where I can find St. Ignatius Church Records . My Family went there and I am interested in finding more information about the family , Jennings Family that lived on 712 Paxton St Centralia Pa. And assistance would be greatly appreciated / Thank You.

  3. Darien Clark says:

    Michael Cavalla: The records would have been transferred to a nearby Parish when it was closed. From my searching, Columbia County is in the Diocese of Harrisburg. I would call the Diocesan office to inquire about where St. Ignatius’ records were transferred to.

  4. My great grandfather Christopher Rooney was the superintendent of the mines in the middle to late 1800’s. Annie Purcell was his wife, and they had 13 children. Most of his sons worked the mines at times. The Rooneys has a long history in Centralia.

  5. Jennifer Nunemacher says:

    Hi, Has anyone had any success tracking down cemetery records from St Ignatius? I was told Our lady of Mount Carmel In the town of mount carmel next door had the records. My 3rd great grandfather Thomas mcganns’ sibings are laid to rest at st Ignatius and im trying to find out if my 4th great grandparents are there also. Havent had much success on ancestry, family search, or find a grave.

  6. Richard Bowley says:

    Interesting that St. Ignatius’ priest cursed the town (after being attacked by Molly Maguires), saying that the parish would be the only building left — the cemetery remains and the Immaculate Heart of Mary Ukrainian Catholic Church is still there.

  7. Val says:

    Could someone tell me if that little white church that stood proudly in that sea of green still stands today..
    I’m wanting to take some photos of that church

  8. Ninett says:

    Burning question, no pun intended! Exactly when did the church and cemetery receive it’s name? Did it have another name prior to that whole situation underground occuring?

  9. Linda Pericles says:

    Mr MacDonald,
    I’m sorry for not replying earlier. Yes, Helen Louise Lyons was my mom. She married Harold Ray in 1959 in Philadelphia, the they transferred to Charlotte, NC (where my brother and I were born in 1961 and 1963), then we moved to Atlanta in 1966 where we remained. My mom passed away in 2010. I do know that my Great grandmother was Katherine Rooney Britt, and my grandmother was Harriett Britt Lyons. She married my grandfather Edward Harwood Lyons probably in the 1920s, and were divorced in 1929. My mom subsequently grew up in Philadelphia and attended a Catholic boarding school there. Thank you for reaching out!

  10. Mary owens hess says:

    My grandpa was born and baptised in this church. His parents came from Ireland. If anyone can help me with information his parents Susannah Bradley and James Owens

    Much appreciated thanks a lot.

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