Saint Ignatius Church, Centralia PA

Saint Ignatius Church in Centralia Pennsylvania from the early 1900s.

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3 Responses

  1. Linda Pericles says:

    Thank you for the lovely article. My grandmother, Harriet Lyons is buried in the cemetery there. I was able to visit the church and cemetery in the late 1980’s with relatives who live in Lewisburg. I am from Atlanta, but my mother talked about Centralia often, since she was originally from Mount Carmel. I have lived a very different life from my relatives in Pa, so I am always fascinated by Pa history.

  2. Michael Cavalla says:

    Can any one tell me where I can find St. Ignatius Church Records . My Family went there and I am interested in finding more information about the family , Jennings Family that lived on 712 Paxton St Centralia Pa. And assistance would be greatly appreciated / Thank You.

  3. Darien Clark says:

    Michael Cavalla: The records would have been transferred to a nearby Parish when it was closed. From my searching, Columbia County is in the Diocese of Harrisburg. I would call the Diocesan office to inquire about where St. Ignatius’ records were transferred to.

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