Odd Fellows Cemetery in Centralia, Pennsylvania

Odd Fellows Cemetery in Centralia, PA. Credit: Flickr/bicyclemark

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  1. dave says:

    In one paragraph you have it right: The Independent Order of Odd Fellows
    In the other you have it wrong: The International Order of Odd Fellows

  2. C Samuel says:

    Is there a list of internments?

  3. Greg LUCOTCH says:

    I looking for a relative who might be buried there? Is there a site to obtain the names of people buried here?

    • Courtney Watson says:

      I am a photo volunteer for the odd Fellows Cemetery. If you let me know the name or names and any dates I can get you a photo of it.

  4. Tara says:

    It’s not complete, but findagrave.com has a lot of information. It’s not my website, but I have found several relatives on it.

  5. Marlene Buccione says:

    I am interested in preserving the history and memory of each minor. I have been there and worked with akelaitus funeral home. The miners and family need to be remembered. I noticed about 30 years ago three children under age of 3 buried next to each other. Please let there memory not forgotten

  6. Sharon says:

    I have many great grand relatives buried there. We now live in Philadelphia Pennsylvania. We are Cranes and Kelly’s. We were call miners and industrial barons that relocated. I love to visit Odd Fellows Cemetery. We came from Wales and settled in Centralia. Moved to Philadelphia and married into the Kelly family. I am amazed.

    • Sharlotte Henry says:

      Do you know why the graves have not been relocated somewhere else? It would be very disturbing for me if I had a loved one buried there.

  7. Walda says:

    I have relatives buried there in St. Dominic. Sweeney’s

  8. Gary franklyn Fausnaught Green says:

    My Father is buried in odd fellows cemetery Danville Pennsylvania USA
    Lt Colonel William J Fausnaught Jr b.1898, d.1978,
    I live in Bedford Bedfordshire England 🇬🇧 UK. God bless all,


  9. Cameron Rogers says:

    Is it true what reports said that many of those buried in these cemeteries might have collapsed into the mines? I read an article that said when the fire was directly under the cemetery it was very likely some of the caskets fell into the “voids”.

  10. Vincent Maletta says:

    Was there a funeral home in Centralia? If so, what was the name?

    • 17927forever says:

      I think the J.J Stutz Funeral Home was located in Centralia decades ago before relocating to Mount Carmel.

  11. Nancy S. says:

    My great-grandpa was an Odd Fellow, my great-grandma was a Rebekah. My grandma, mom and I were Rebekah’s, also. Our home lodges have since closed mainly due to our members passing on from old age, I was the youngest member in my then mid 30’s. I’m in my mid 50’s now. Joined when I was 18.

    One thing as to why the Odd Fellows got their name from was not only from the differences in members status, but that the group of men took it upon themselves to care for the widowed, orphaned, those sick and in distress.

    Odd Fellows were allowed to join the Rebekah Lodge, but only fairly recently were Rebekahs allowed to join Odd Fellows Lodges.

    I have my Great-grandmas Past Noble Grand pin that I wear proudly as well as my own P.N.G. pin

    Nancy S.
    P.N.G. P.D.D.P.
    Hemingford Lodge #293
    Princess Lodge #65

    • Mary Willer says:

      Hello, I have just learned about the odd fellow and Rebekah. What a blessing to have those as you here to help those in need. I plan to study a bit and then possible see about becoming a Rebekah if I can. My home is in Florida a small town called Lorida. My husband and I are here in Gettysburg because he has a work assignment here for a couple of months. We visited centrailia while out exploring and the Odd Fellows Cemetery stood out to me. So I looked it up and found how caring and giving that they are. How much of a blessing they are and have been.
      I am fascinated.
      It is very special to read about this here.
      Thank you so much for sharing your memories.
      God Bless you and your family.

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