Odd Fellows Cemetery in Centralia, Pennsylvania

Odd Fellows Cemetery in Centralia, PA. Credit: Flickr/bicyclemark

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  1. dave says:

    In one paragraph you have it right: The Independent Order of Odd Fellows
    In the other you have it wrong: The International Order of Odd Fellows

  2. C Samuel says:

    Is there a list of internments?

  3. Greg LUCOTCH says:

    I looking for a relative who might be buried there? Is there a site to obtain the names of people buried here?

  4. Tara says:

    It’s not complete, but findagrave.com has a lot of information. It’s not my website, but I have found several relatives on it.

  5. Marlene Buccione says:

    I am interested in preserving the history and memory of each minor. I have been there and worked with akelaitus funeral home. The miners and family need to be remembered. I noticed about 30 years ago three children under age of 3 buried next to each other. Please let there memory not forgotten

  6. Sharon says:

    I have many great grand relatives buried there. We now live in Philadelphia Pennsylvania. We are Cranes and Kelly’s. We were call miners and industrial barons that relocated. I love to visit Odd Fellows Cemetery. We came from Wales and settled in Centralia. Moved to Philadelphia and married into the Kelly family. I am amazed.

    • Sharlotte Henry says:

      Do you know why the graves have not been relocated somewhere else? It would be very disturbing for me if I had a loved one buried there.

  7. Walda says:

    I have relatives buried there in St. Dominic. Sweeney’s

  8. Gary franklyn Fausnaught Green says:

    My Father is buried in odd fellows cemetery Danville Pennsylvania USA
    Lt Colonel William J Fausnaught Jr b.1898, d.1978,
    I live in Bedford Bedfordshire England 🇬🇧 UK. God bless all,


  9. Cameron Rogers says:

    Is it true what reports said that many of those buried in these cemeteries might have collapsed into the mines? I read an article that said when the fire was directly under the cemetery it was very likely some of the caskets fell into the “voids”.

  10. Vincent Maletta says:

    Was there a funeral home in Centralia? If so, what was the name?

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