Plane Crash Near Centralia Pennsylvania

Crash site of United Airlines Flight 624 near Centralia Pennsylvania. Credit: Wikipedia/Bloomsburg Archives

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4 Responses

  1. David Eggert says:

    This could not have been a DC-9. The Douglas DC-9 is a twin engine jet. This was probably a Douglas DC-6, which was a 4 radial engine propeller driven aircraft.

  2. Tom Dempsey says:

    It was a DC 6B

  3. Ted Martin says:

    The DC 6B didn’t fly until 1950, and didn’t have three tail fins as this crash site did. They were the largest piece of intact wreckage at the site. The body, wings and engines were in pieces as were the passengers. This had to be one of the Lockheed Constellation series although initially we didn’t see anything large enough to determine the plane; and the military used the word constellation in their discussions. Once enough military arrived, civilians were asked to leave due the the fuel danger.

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