Lost Town of Centralia PA, News Video

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  1. Sharon Sartori says:

    To whoever runs the website;

    I just wanted to let the folks who run this site and/or still take care of what remains of Centralia to know that today the 6 th of January,2017, a couple from west Hazleton,pa posted pics on facebook of them exploring the Mayor’s house. Knowing that these two people have drug issues I think they are scrapping for copper plumbing and whatever else they may find. The last name is Boyle…her name is Kristin Grula. They are not the type of people who go exploring. I myself have been to Centralia twice. I found it interesting and sad. Id like to come back in the summer to take pictures of some interesting tombstones I seen in both Oddfellows and St. Ignatius. I just thought it would be worth checking into to . Thank you!

  2. debbie says:

    Wow Sharon your a real piece of work..

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