Centralia’s Railroad Station

Centralia PA's railroad station circa 1914.

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  1. Thank you for an interesting look at the history of a small mining town .My family comes from the anthracite mining area near Wilkes Barre ,Pa . My uncles home was built over a large coal mine that worked 24hrs. A day , and I remember as a little kid visiting there hearing baby-gauge locomotive whistles down there in the middle of the night . What memories !!!! A

    • Centralia PA says:

      Of course! Thank you for sharing your family memories with us.

      • nathan says:

        Hi there, Hope you are well (considering), I’m in the UK, this is the first I’ve personally heard about Centralia and I’m really intrigued. I’ve just watched a documentary from 8 years ago, what’s changed in that time? I’ve heard there’s no schools / banks / stores in Centralia, has that changed? Do you have cable tv etc? sorry for the 1001 questions just extremely intrigued.



        • Centralia PA says:

          Hi Nathan. There are only a couple of homes and about 6 people left in Centralia, PA. The land in the town is owned by the state of Pennsylvania, so nothing new will be built there anytime soon. Here’s a quick gallery of images from this past fall of a recent cleanup effort in the town: http://www.centraliapa.org/photo-gallery-centralia-cleanup-day/ Honestly, most of Centralia is now streets, bushes, and trees. Thanks for your interest in Centralia!

          • Fugi Man says:

            Hey Nathan. Been there 5 or 6 times now as I’m somehow drawn there. On one hand, you think of all those people who lost their homes and your heart goes out to the people and the town of Centralia. On the other hand, (and I mean no disrespect to the residents past or present), .. it’s AWESOME!! Google “Graffiti Highway” .. this is the part of the highway that was badly damaged by the coal fire, to the point where officials closed this section of the road, bypassing it with a new section. I’m actually just about to post my second video on Youtube about Centralia, this one walks you down “Graffiti Highway” Check it out.. Fugi Man on Youtube (Snoopy)

    • bob+conley says:

      i visited railroad ave no traces of anything railroad related! that is til i found a spike onthe media strip. pretty awesome.

  2. Tom Koller says:

    Traveled to Centralia in October of 2015 looking for evidence of LVRR line from Mt Carmel, famous as the route of iron ore trains from Erie to Bethlehem Steel. Unfortunately nothing remains of the railroad, could not find any artifacts, also saw no evidence of the mine fire supposedly still burning under the former town.

  3. NHD Team says:

    Is there any way we could get in contact with you? That would be great, Possibly schedule an interview over the phone.

  4. Tara says:

    Railroad Avenue is where my great-great grandmother lived (she died before I was born). I would love to be able to figure out where her home once stood. Thanks for all this information on this site, it is invaluable!

  5. Bob says:

    Centralia, I’ve heard stories watched documentarys love it. Hope to visit soon

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