Centralia PA is Silent Hill PA

Centralia PA is Silent Hill PA. Credit: Flickr/58666217@N00

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  1. Robb says:

    I think if you were to model “Silent Hill” after anyplace it would be a combination of Centralia and Dicksmont Sanatarium (before they tried to build a Walmart on it) in Pittsburg near McKees Rocks… The Dark Parts of the movie looks just like Dicksmont did. There were MILES of underground tunnels down there… They gave up building the WalMart after the ground collapsed last I heard.

  2. Diana says:

    Any comments on this. Can you still visit this town.

  3. Mike Danchak says:

    Wanted info on playing at the Angela Triplex Theatre in Coaldale, Pa

  4. Charlie says:

    Is that real?!

  5. Ellen M Dial says:

    Can we go there and walk around ND if so do we have to put safety gear on?

    • Kyle says:

      You can go there without safety gear. The graffiti highway is easy to get there and seems to have virtually no security. There is no longer steam rising from the ground, at least not when I visited. It seems the fires have died down enough that you wouldn’t know they were even still burning… if they even still are.

  6. Patricia Hrysenko says:

    The Wal-Mart would have made it more horrifying for sure!

  7. Amanda K says:

    When on the graffiti highway has anyone felt a presence around them like they are being watched

  8. Snow says:

    Can you get into it free and walk around.

  9. Tom P. says:

    You all have very poor grammar. You should go back to kindergarten and stop thinking about trying to visit an old mining town.

  10. Wow are there anything that comes out in silent Hill

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