Coddington’s Gas Station and the Centralia Mine Fire

Coddington's Gas and Service Station being demolished in November 1981. Credit:

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  1. Ed Beers says:

    I have seen pictures of a Mobil station being torn down after the relocation plan. Anybody know where that was?

  2. Michelle McColl says:

    During a family ancestry search. I discovered my grandfather, James Gabriel Garvin was born in Centralia in 1881. Is there a list of mine workers, graves or former residents? Where did the local records get transfered to?

  3. john coddinton says:

    very good story enjoyed reading it.

  4. Kurdt says:

    Does anyone know if the underground fuel tanks at Mr. Coddington’s service station were ever dug up and removed?

  5. Scott says:

    Are you related to a Dennis Coddington who would have been born about 1944?

  6. Craig Kensy says:

    how cool. This reminds me of South St. Paul my hometown. They kicked people out of their houses if the were too ghetto. I would love to be one of the holdouts taking about, “the way things used to be”. I would also love to participate in blaming the government.

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