The Centralia Conspiracy Theory

Dead Tree Centralia PA Burn Zone
A lone, dead tree in the Centralia mine fire burn zone. Credit: Flickr/properpictures

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4 Responses

  1. steve says:

    i was born in centralia in 1951 we lived at the logan than in the red house then we moved to raise hill and finally moved to mt carmel it was hard my dad worked as a coalminer and scummed to black lung but we had old time family values if you lived back than you know what im saying god bless all of you who still lives in these two towns because it was and always be frendly towns

  2. Dean says:

    yep some friendly folks there for sure

  3. Bob Gray says:

    Hi Steve I also lived in the Logan. My parent were there up until the government bought them out them they relocated up the mountain to Aristes. While living in the logan we were in Conygnham township and we went to school at North Schuylkill in Ashland and Frackville. It seems like another lifetime now. Bob Gray, The Gray Family in the Logan

  4. K lugo says:

    Wow I lie in Frackville can you guys tell me more….

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