Centralia Pennsylvania: Disappearing Sign Mystery

Famous mine fire sign in Centralia, Pennsylvania. Credit: Flickr/sonnyandsandy

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7 Responses

  1. Adam Tereska says:

    I love exploring Centralia, Pa. I wish people would stop stealing and littering the area. I have seen so much, yet so more to be seen. God bless the residents, living there or vicariously living there, a shame to see what’s become of the town.

  2. Kayla says:

    I might be going up to Centralia in mid-April if my schedule’s free, and I really hope at least one street sign isn’t stolen. It makes the feeling of a lost community stronger when you see old streets, which may make someone understand the vibe of the town more. It’s just that, the more people take, the more the town diminishes. At least the spirit of the community that still lingers, can never be stolen.

  3. Sonny says:

    Pull up an old map and print it off , you should be able to find a map from 1980’s and from 4 way stop you can start to get an imagine in your minds eye Kayla. I moved back to Mount Carmel 5 yrs ago from Pittsburgh. I live 4 miles North on rt 61 and remember the town well. Enjoy a kid just fell into a opening about 5 weeks ago, so be careful where you step.

    • Kayla says:

      Huh, I never heard of any one falling into an opening. I stayed on the streets and I was fine anyhow, even walked on the highway fissures, nothing felt off. I didn’t go up where the old mines were so I guess nothing would’ve happened to me.

  4. Desiree Wyatt says:

    I wish folks wouldn’t steal (and it IS stealing) street and town signs. The town won’t burn forever, just in our lifetimes. Centralia is about so much more than just a mine fire.

  5. Janet says:

    It’s weird that I found this article buried because I actually have an explanation of this, at least, for the period between 1995-2000. I uncle Roger and my aunt Loretta lived in a house in Centralia and was one of the ones forced out in 2000. During the period between 95 and 2000 he used to purposely rip down signs by the state and other authorities out of protest against the forced relocation of the town. That was him during that 5 year period. When he and my aunt were forced to move and their house was demolished they took a couple road signs from their street as mementos which currently hang in their restaurant they own in Clarion, which is where they moved to.

  6. There are many buildings in disrepair, why not take a piece of brick or similar rather than a sign that might save a life? Personally, the remaining residents might be able to force the state to stop trying to erase the city by sitting up stands selling things like bricks or pieces of asphalt with the old addresses they came from and turn it into a real tourist destinitation. I would personally design the tourist site if someone wanted.

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