Video: Centralia PA Cleanup Day

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3 Responses

  1. Shay says:

    Do you think you could e-mail me next time you have a clean up day. I live in around Philadelphia and I go camping up in that area all the time. I think it would be great to come out there next time you get this together.

  2. I remember going thru Centralia on the way to out hunting cabin in Forksville Then the town was putting of steam and smoke but the streets were good yet and I loved going thru the town — reminded me of good times and a nice down to Earth place to live. I don’t blame the people for trying to hang on to their homes / it was probably a decent town with decent people ! Lord — If you aren’t way out there somewhere / you can,t find a safe place to live anymore ; my husband I I loved the Country ! God I miss the old times !

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