Documentary: Centralia, America’s Lost Town

Title shot from Centralia: America's Lost Town

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  1. There have been many, many stories and videos about Centralia and the fire.
    There is still one story that needs to be told. over 25 years after the major relocation of the town the big question remains to be answered. Did all of the town of Centralia, Byrnesville amd other adjoining areas need to be moved. At least half of Centralia and all of Byrnesville has no sign of the fire today. I would guess that homes that were relocated along the route 61 highway going to Mt. Carmel will never see any any fire.
    I relocated from Byrnesville and still take care of the shrine on the hillside.

    • Centralia PA says:

      Hi Michael. You raise many good questions.

      This is just my opinion, but the entire town didn’t need to be relocated. Why should people be forced to leave if they don’t want/need to go? People live by rivers that flood, in earthquake zones, etc. These are all dangerous. Yet, they are not forced to leave.

      Also, thank you for your work on the Byrnesville site and caring for the shrine.

  2. Rachael says:

    I went there last week for a drive though just amazing on the streets and no house and stop sign I need to put my pictures up all the way from Massachusetts. ..

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