Upcoming Film: Centralia, Pennsylvania’s Lost Town

Centralia, Pennsylvania's Lost Town Documentary
Shooting on location in Centralia, Pennsylvania. Credit: Curtis Donar

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  1. cherie says:

    Thank you for keeping Centralia alive through your documentary. My Mother was born in Centralia in a back room of one of the houses down the street from Coddington ‘ s gas station on Dec 3, 1918. As a teen she waitressed and was billed as the Singing Waitress at Hinchey s lunch and pool hall across the street from Stutz s Funeral Home. A booming town at the time
    She graduated from Hubert HS then went to Philadelphia to work, and eventually married and returned to live in Ashland. Many years later, after many homes had been demolished, we happened to be passing through Centralia on way to medical appointment i Danville, PA, and I will.always remember mymothed’s look of devastation when we came to the top of the hill from Ashland and she saw a good part of the down gone!
    As a preteen and teenager I lived through the origin of the mine fire travelling many days from Ashland to Centralia through the sulpher smoke thay engulfed the road as we almost daily went to visit my great aunt, Catherine Hinchey (through the 1960’s.. So few yet so many memories.
    Again, thank you for your interest in keeping Centralia alivel

    • Centralia PA says:

      Hi Cherie. You are quite welcome. Thank you for posting your wonderful memories of your mother and Centralia!

    • Ed Hinchey says:

      Hi Cherie, I’m a Hinchey whose family came from Centralia too. My grandfather was Ed Hinchey who was married to Margaret “Peggy” McCullion – they moved to Philadelphia around 1960. My father was also named Ed. How might we be related?

  2. Helen timpko says:

    95 year old Helen timpko misses her centralian neighbors !!!!!!!!!

  3. dave says:

    Looking forward to seeing this documentary! I am fascinated by this place. Have visited only a couple times but keep checking online about it. Glad to see this film being made!

  4. Alexis says:

    The short film is really nicely done. Look forward to seeing the full-length version!

    I live near the abandoned town of Alvira, PA in Lycoming/Union Counties. The local historical society there got permission to put up markers indicating where old homes and buildings used to be before they were razed. They also worked with an older resident to make a map of the town “as it was.” Maybe that will be possible in Centralia one day. It could be a source of comfort for people who once lived there. Thanks to all who shared their memories on camera!

  5. Susan says:

    My Baba’s house was the one to the left of the Mervine picture. My Grammy’s house was at the top of the hill not far from St Ignatius Church. As kids we roamed the cemetery, bought candy at Coddington’s, Marie’s and Gert’s. We went to the pink Legion with my Uncle John. We attended both St Ignatius and Saint Anne’s churches. Both my parents are home now, buried in there beloved town.

  6. Centralia Dedicated says:

    Not sure why the owner of the 17-minute preview is now doing everything they can to make it so difficult to view that preview, but I absolutely WILL remember this when the actual film is released and the owner is looking for a buck. I really was truly planning on buying a copy. Now? No way.

    • Donald Becker says:

      I was thinking the same thing. Also, according to the documentary’s IMDB site, it’s supposed to be released this month. Anybody have any word on an actual release date?

  7. Jrt says:

    Does anybody know when the film is going to be released exactly? My son and I would like to see it. We’ve followed this story and last summer took our first visit to Centralia

  8. Jrt says:

    I just answered my own question, I think, May 5. However, what theaters? Anything close to State College, PA?

  9. Let Freedom Ring says:

    We were in Centrailia today. There were about 50 cars parked with no one in them People were just milling around. There is just something about this town I can’t put my finger on. We too are looking forward to the movie coming out. But when?!!!

  10. MIndy says:

    Hamburg Theatre at 3 pm today

  11. Kimberly Nelson says:

    I would like to purchase a copy of the movie? Please contact me.

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