Centralia PA Municipal Building

Centralia PA municipal building sign. Credit: Flickr/pennstateenvri

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  1. DonJohnson says:

    Are there any photos of the interior of the municipal building as it is today or recently?

  2. Blake Hulbert says:

    Does anyone know what the state of the municipal building is as of recently? Is it abandoned?

    • George Lamprinos says:

      As far as I know, it’s still in use. It houses a volunteer fire department that services Aristes and Ashland. As well as anything that’s still in Centralia. I hope someone more expert will correct me if I’m incorrect.

  3. Scott says:

    Our GPS took us through Centralia the other day. The municipal building is there and there and the fire truck is visible. Looks exactly like the picture on this page.

  4. Cameron Rogers says:

    I wonder what happens to this building once the coal companies slowly muscle into town to dig up the coal once the last remaining resident is gone.

  5. Jesse Hahn says:

    What if they were to send a few thermobaric (vacuum bombs) missiles into the entrances of the mines that have the fires and it should put them out by sucking all the oxygen from the mines will put the fires out as well as collapsing the tunnels a split second after detonation and sucking the oxygen from them.

    • Ted says:

      What’s the point, Jesse? The town has been wiped away and throughout the fire is still consuming it, only nature lives there now. Relocating would be tough, Gov would have to work with sinkholes, and many damages caused by the fire; it’ll be tough, and a huge waste of tax payers’ money.

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