How Long Will Centralia’s Coal Seam Fire Burn?

Steam rising from old Route 61 in Centralia, Pennsylvania. Credit: Flickr/mdesjardin

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6 Responses

  1. Martin E. Caulfield says:

    My family members once live in Centralia, A family of 9! My grand father was a coal miner, he had a accident, lost his arm and was work terminated. The family departed for Phila. by train. My father was born in 1903 one block from a coal mine in a local house. The area was in front of the Orthodox Greek/Russian Church. My last visit to Centralia was in 1994.

  2. Kaylee says:

    I wish I could revitalize this town. It’d be so cool to see it rebuilt 🙂

  3. Kathryn Hildebrandt says:

    The thought of the waste of fuel and contribution to climate change makes me sad.

  4. Dee Sugalski says:

    I grew up in luzerne cty. Newport Twp. Glen Lyon pa. Surrounded by mine fires. It smelled like sulpher. Centralia is to be pitied…such a lovely town.

  5. samantha watts says:

    i feel better for you and i hope they stop it too i live in dover pa it is good here come and live here.

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