Police Now Patrolling Centralia, PA

Graffiti Highway Centralia PA
Detail of an image showing the Graffiti Highway in Centralia, PA. Credit: Flickr/kjarrett

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20 Responses

  1. Mickey says:

    Went today. Graffiti highway was super cool.

    • Melanie says:

      how did u get to it if it is being patroled? curious cuz i soo wanna go there, Just because of the history

      • Jim says:

        They’re not going to be patrolling it very often, too much money. Probably only now and then someone will swing by and have a look for trespassers. I would assume on warm weekends when they would expect people to be there.

  2. Matt says:

    10 years ago I drove by this and there were big cracks in the road and no graffiti. This weekend I ventured back to show my girlfriend and the road was entirely covered and cracks were gone (where did they go?). We thought it was kinda cool and spent time reading things. While there, we went to pioneer tunnel tours and hit up a local brewery. Instead of the state wanting to stop this, they should embrace it as its worthless and its bringing in tourism to an area that needs it.

  3. Rose Stoesz says:

    Poor Centralia, I feel bad for its citizens, wish they were still able to live there, wishful thinking and the mine was fine and not a danger, God bless you all, you have lost a nice town??

  4. Lisa Neil says:

    Yes, Matt, we agree, we went a number of years ago and then went again the beginning of this month. Graffiti Road has been resurfaced… Would LOVE to know… “where did they go?” along with why and when were they fixed and by whom?

  5. Ri harx says:

    No body knows me and i dont no anybody from Centralia I went and saw graffiti highway just want to say I feel your pain. Ever since I’ve been thinking about your town ,talking to people about it. Told.them what these

  6. Chris Ries says:

    What part was repaved? I was just there on September 1st, 2017 and it was all grafitti and there were big cracks about halfway back… I have pictures!
    Why would the government waste money to repave a road no longer in use?!

    • Mike Mcclintock says:

      It’s common sense, they spent the money to fix the cracks and cover up the graphitti because then a lot of people would loose interest in the area. If people stop coming there it’s less to maintain and the state will spend less there in the future overall.

    • Ken says:

      Because it is in use and they (government) and whichever company they are in bed with don’t want anyone around to video or document it so they can still justify the lie they used to steal the people’s land.

      You really think an underground fire is still burning since 1962? Fire needs oxygen to burn how’s it getting fresh oxygen underground for 50 years?

      Oh right it isn’t and the fire was a lie to steal people ‘s homes so the corporation the PA government politicians are in bed with can do what they please

  7. Jeremy says:

    I just got home from visiting centralia today, for the second time in a week. Grafitti road is still there, it is not heavily patrolled, matter of fact, i didn’t see a single officer, and it was easy to get to. It has not been repaved, and the cracks are still there, you just have to walk a little ways down to see it. I went to this haunting, sad town to take only pictures, and leave only footprints. there are many things to explore there, but from what i gather, as long as you are careful, and respectful, there is nothing to worry about. I am younger, and started researching centralia since i was in my teens. these two trips were very important to me, because i got to fulfill a longtime dream. but when i saw the town, two things hit me, curiousity, and sadness. it’s an absolute tragedy what happened to this town, but it’s even worse what continues to happen. people are leaving garbage, and profanity everywhere. this place needs to be treated better, and im glad i saw the documentary with john lokitus before i went, because it really helped me to feel what he felt. i can only imagine what this place was like before.

  8. patrick says:

    fire burning at one spot not like it was 10 years ago

  9. Adam J Tereska says:

    I have been to Centralia many times. I still learn something new every time.

  10. Brian says:

    Centralia’s backstory, does not exist as it once did…. Im there often, almost weekly. Im disgusted by the absolute disrespect of off road vehicles being used on the public roads, and at a high rate of speed at that…I drive a 1 ton dually, an atv hitting my truck at a high rate of speed, wouldnt end well for the rider. PSP is activily patroling and using trail cams as well to discourage such abuse. Old rt 61 is an amazing site. It is a no trespassing zone for a reason. If you go to visit, respect all posted signs and respect the remaining residents. Failure to obey these signs could cost you fines and possible death of a collision…. The road odd fellows cemetery is on, is also considered public, and not for off road use. As are the roads to St Ignatius cemetery.

  11. Chris says:

    So is all of Centralia considered “no trespassing” or just Graffiti Highway?

  12. thomas says:

    i dont see a purpose for psp to patrol the area and let it be posted private property but honestly its the only thing bringing in tourism to the town and probably major income for local business so with it remaining posted let people come visit but since it is posted private property the state no longer can be held responsible for injuries death or damage to personal property its like coal mining areas posted private but everyone goes out riding but they dont go after the state cause they wrecked there quad and got hurt psp and penndot are making a big deal out of nothing

  13. Sharon Buck says:

    There is no major income coming from any source, tourism or not. All of these towns around Centralia and Centralia itself have fallen into horrible disrepair. Most of the People here are sick and years older than their actual age. Acid mine water run off has poisoned all of the ground water here. Mercury, lead, you name it and the folks here inhale and ingest it on a daily basis.

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