NBC Eyes Centralia Series as Documentary Enters Post-Production

Centralia Pennsylvanias Lost Town Title Card

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15 Responses

  1. Dave Donaldson says:

    Have driven through Centralia on my way to Atlas in the past. Very eerie .

  2. Penny says:

    Was there in 2009. Took my children. Was educational for all and will be back soon

  3. JJ Miller says:

    I know the town very well. Grew up down the road in Ashland. My brother and his wife at the time lost there home in a fire in Barnesville. Insurance company made them rebuild on same site. A few years later they had to move because of the fire.

  4. Bill Strong says:

    Have been to Centralia 2 times in the past. It is a real life horror story about a municipality that made some monumentally wrong choices, a government agency that helped hide the problem and a community of people who lost everything they were and everything they had.

  5. james moyer says:

    I’ve heard of this town and I would like to get some friends together and visit it

  6. George Angerman says:

    Have driven through this town for close to 40+ years on my way to Sullivan County. Have witnessed the demise of a beautiful small mountain town.

    • Kurt says:

      Hello George, I grew up in the area (Bloomsburg). I too remember driving through Centralia in the 70’s and 80’s and was shocked when I returned in 2012 to a barren landscape. Most of my family is from Sullivan Co. I was wondering where you’re from and what your Sullivan Co. connection is.

  7. Angi says:

    i am 39 yrs old and i have 2 girls ages 8 & 7 and i take my girls here EVERY year, i have pictures of them here and everything….once my girls were old enough to realize this was a town they tend to pay attention to what all mommy is telling them about where houses were and more to their surroundings, i love seeing their little minds learn as they grasp what is happening here…it is just amazing to me that this happened so long ago and the firs is still burning and the govt has done nothing as of late to try to keep what little bit is left of this town….

  8. Paula says:

    My grandfather was Justice of the Peace in Centrailia in the 1930/1940’s.

  9. Liz says:

    While I enjoy the horror genre of tv/movie fiction, I can’t wait for the documentary in 2016. I’m more interested in the real story, which could happen again in other communities if we don’t learn from the tragic experience of Centralia. My heart goes out to the residents and former residents who lost more than a home, they lost a way of life that can never be regained.

    • CHRIS says:


  10. Adam Tereska says:

    I am saddened by the banning of going down the graffiti highway when I saw the berms were built up and the no trespassing signs were posted. What was the reason for this? I never saw an explanation.

    • GC says:

      The state claims they still own the road and it is illegal to paint on the road, I’m sure it’s not patrolled but don’t quote me. The police need to focus on bigger problems

    • Kayla says:

      I just went there this past Sunday, many people were there, I did not see that sign there…….and as I said, many were there that day easily walking down the highway. You are allowed to walk on it just no painting…..even though many were doing it anyhow.

  11. Donald Becker says:

    I clicked on the link to the video, but it requires a password. Anyone know what the password is?

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