New Screening Dates for CENTRALIA: Pennsylvania’s Lost Town

Centralia Pennsylvania's Lost Town Demolition Buildings
Film still showing the demolition of buildings in Centralia, Pennsylvania

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89 Responses

  1. I can hook you up with Berwick Theater if you want to do a showing there. Probably get a decent turnout.

  2. S. Kuhn says:

    We all know that’s another political game ! In over 50 years that could have been extinguished, homes saved & people would have not been exposed to the gases a long time ago. How many people have Parkinson’s Disease or will have it? Government once again ignored the issue. Politics at play.

  3. David says:

    Anything closer to Philly?

    • Joe says:

      Philly Film Festival in the fall and then there may be a possible screening at two Philly theaters in late fall very early winter (Dec/Jan). We would love to screen before the fall in Philadelphia but certain film festivals prohibit us from doing so right now.

  4. Kathy says:

    Any theaters closer to Allentown?

  5. Jim McConnell says:

    Would like to see it shown in the Sellersville Pa. area if possible.

  6. Katie says:

    You should contact Phoenixville’s theater in the suburbs of Philly. Or there is also a small theater in Ambler.

  7. Would like to see a showing around the Harrisburg area, a lot of folks are from that area now living here. I am from Ashland as well as both parents.

    • Joe says:

      Yes, absolutely. We are looking into a theater out in Harrisburg and Pittsburgh and waiting for the green light from them.

  8. B says:

    Please screen this at the Colonial theatre in phoenixville, pa. Great turnout.

  9. Jessica H says:

    Thank you for your work. Very nice. Would love to see a screening in Chester County, PA. Many in the area have heard the tales but have never ventured up to see it. If I can be of assistance, please contact me.

  10. Christine says:

    YES! Please screen at the Colonial in Phoenixville!

  11. Scott S. says:

    I was wondering how long the documentary lasts, if anyone can tell me.

    • Joe says:

      The theater version is: 1 hr 33 mins run-time. Once we get a distribution deal, the on-line / DVD / Blu-Ray media release- will contain 12 mins of footage that was cut.

  12. Lori says:

    Colonial Theatre in Phoenixville please.

  13. Billie Jo says:

    I am very excited to see this! Have you thought about showing in Williamsport PA area?

  14. Lynn says:

    What about the Bloomsburg theaters or the one near Lycoming Mall? It would make sense to have it playing near Centralia for those who have grown up knowing about the town, but not about the full history of those who lived there.

    • Joe says:

      Yes, there is a screening in Lewisburg on August 19th at the Campus theater and talks of Scranton soon.

  15. Anne says:

    I would like to see it in New York City. Any screenings scheduled, or may I organize one?

    • Joe says:

      We have submitted the film to three New York film festivals for the fall of 2017, and spring 2018. There will be more NY submissions.

  16. laura says:

    how about st94? we’d love to see this in historic sellersville

  17. Adam Cooperstein says:

    I would also like a screening in Philadelphia. I would recommend either the Ambler Theater in Ambler or the County Theater in Doylestown.

  18. Dan says:

    How about the Colonnade theater in Millersburg, any plans for there?

  19. Mandi says:

    I live in Texas, any plans for down here?? Lol a better question is, when will it be available on Netflix?

    • Joe says:

      We hope to have it available for cable, network television, and on-line streaming in the future. There will be two cuts available. A theater and directors cut with more footage.

  20. Bobbie says:

    Harrisburg area?

  21. Dana sanchez says:

    Would love to view the movie but live in Florida. Will it be released to DVD?

    • Joe says:

      It will most likely be released on a digital platform such as Netflix, Amazon, HULU, etc., and most likely on Blue-Ray & DVD, depending on the distribution. Those release dates are not confirmed to date but will be in mid 2018 after its theater and festival run. It has been submitted to festivals in Florida.

      • Rita says:

        That’s awesome! I’m greatly looking forward to seeing it. I’m Netflix partial so hopefully it’ll be released there. 🙂

  22. nick gugie says:

    any way to get this to Albany NY? we have a great independent theater (Spectrum 8) that screens stuff like this?
    Nick Gugie

    • Joe says:

      The documentary is running on a short run in local Pennsylvania theaters through the summer at this time, but has been submitted to four New York film festivals. Once a distribution deal is reached, it’s possible it will play in more theaters across the US. To date, the film has been submitted to 35 film festivals across the world. We plan to post more festival screenings on this site so people can see the documentary in their area. Thanks for your interest in Centralia!

  23. Bobbi Dempsey says:

    Saw this film today in Hamburg, and it was terrific! I already knew a lot about the basic story of Centralia (relatives lived there, and some are buried there), but even so, I learned a lot of new and interesting things.

  24. Joe Schell says:

    I saw the film today in Hamburg. Is this a different version than the one that was shown in Pottsville? There were some interviews included in the film that I saw today, interviews that I do not remember being in the film when I saw it in Pottsville. Also there seemed to be a scene or two towards the end of the film that were removed, scenes that related to the post eminent domain construction of an auto-body shop in the town.

    • Joe says:

      Hi Joe, there are 3 versions of the documentary that were sent out and circulated to the theaters at different dates, some have a little more news footage that was acquired last minute and cut into some versions, and some versions are missing the John Koshoff garage section which I believe is the cut you’ve mentioned, and a few small things that were cut with the lawyers that were removed last minute after the initial premiere do to time for theater screenings. There is cut that has the clean-up efforts and the Centralia curse that will be shown in Lancaster in July. No additional interviews were added. These version all range from 3-6 minutes apart in cuts and does not affect the essential story in a major way. Pottsville screened the original cut that will be featured along with additional footage that will be shown in a director’s cut that will be offered for home release, this will include more footage of Tom Dempsey and Dave DeKok out in Centralia, the Clean-Up efforts in the borough, the Centralia Curse, the Koschoff piece, and a few small things with the lawyers that were cut for time that will be put back in. The director’s cut version which is about 15 minutes longer than the cuts now screening in theaters will be offered along with the original theater versions. We are considering a series of six episodes at 30 minutes each for people to view at their leisure which will include everything from the documentary and more since we overshoot and filmed more interviews that were cut out due to time. We would love to interview Mr. Koschoff who owns the body shop in the borough, but I believe he turned down the producers back in 2014 for an initial interview.

      • Joe Schell says:

        I received a DVD copy of the movie today and just viewed it. The John Koshoff garage section, which was in the version that I saw in Pottsville at the movie premier, is not included. Also, footage of the clean up efforts is not in the version I received. Also, in your posting of June 18th, it was mentioned that there was 15 minutes of film, including some interviews that were cut out, that would be put back in the movie for the home release or directors cut. Will there be a future release of the entire, uncut movie, or at least a second release of the movie with “extra bonus material”?

  25. Lori says:

    Do you have a date set with Colonial Theater in Phoenixville yet? I want to see it and will come to the Allentown showing if it’s not coming to Phoenixville, but Phoenixville is a lot closer for me.

    • Joe says:

      Hi Lori, we received the news on Friday that the Colonial Theater is too expensive to rent out for a documentary so I believe that was axed in the list of Theaters. Lancaster is also going to screen it for one full week in July which will be posted on this site soon. It also has a good chance to screen in Pittsburgh. There are still other theaters that are being considered, it’s just a matter of when they’re available, and will be posted on this site and the FB page.

      • Lori says:

        Joe, I work for Penn State at the Great Valley, a graduate campus outside of Philadelphia and we quite often show documentary film’s as cultural events. Please contact Suzanne Cruit Associate Director, Corporate and Community Relations at if you are interested.

  26. Adam says:

    I just saw this film in Allentown today and it was great. Can’t wait to buy the DVD. The theater was packed with a lot of older folks. The people sitting behind me were originally from Centralia and kept whispering the names of some of the people who were interviewed in the old tv footage. Great job guys.

  27. Lorraine says:

    In Pittsburgh, have you tried the Tull Family Theater in Sewickly? A friend just screened a movie he wrote, directed, starred in and produced. It is alovely theater.
    I will be visiting Centralia the week after Independance Day..

  28. Al says:

    I live in NC but would be interested in purchasing in DVD format.

    • Joe says:

      The documentary will be released for home viewing after January or May of 2018. We’re in the middle of negotiations for an on-line and disc format. There will be two versions available. One will be the theater version and the other is the extended version.

  29. Aimee says:

    I no longer live in the area & would be VERY interested in seeing this film. How would I do that?

    • Joe says:

      The documentary will be released for home viewing after January or May of 2018. We’re in the middle of negotiations for an on-line and disc format. That is one way to see the film, the other is to keep an eye out for any film festivals in your area that will screen the film and that will be posted here in the future. The film has been submitted to 40 festivals worldwide so far.

  30. Tobias says:

    I would love to see this documentary!! But my concern is, does this movie have closed captions? I’ve heard some stories from neighbors and I have a friend that live down in Locusdale, pa. He tells me some stories from his father, grandfather and great grandfather that used to work at the miners! But that not enough cuz i love to hear the whole story abt Centralia and Brynsville!

    • Joe says:

      There is no closed caption for the theater screenings, but should be for the DVD and Bluray discs once they are released.

  31. Christy says:

    Hi! I am originally from Shamokin & I am psyched to see this film. I hear it is outstanding. Any chance a showing at Newtown Theater in Bucks County is on your list?

    • Joe says:

      Hi Christy, the closest screening we had out that way was Doylestown. It may get into the Philadelphia film festival in October, but if it doesn’t, we plan to screen it ourselves in Philadelphia at one of the theaters. You can check back on this site for updates!

  32. Gemma says:

    Is this going to be screened in Australia by any chance?

    • Joe says:

      The film is only running in Pennsylvania theaters, but it will be available worldwide for on-line streaming and on discs next year!

  33. Dan says:

    Would like to see it in Carbon County.

    • Joe says:

      Unfortunately, It did play in Jim Thorpe, Tamaqua, and Pottsville back in June but will screen close to that area in Coaldale next month.

  34. David Hobson says:

    Live in Florida. Family from there. When will this come out on DVD so I can see it?

  35. Steve says:

    Is it available online or DVD???

  36. Brendon says:

    Due to an emergency i missed the showing at the Campus theater in Lewisburg this past Saturday. However i am traveling to York this comimg Saturday to see this yet my wife will be unable to attend any of the local dates due to being away on business. I know you are looking to possibly put this on Amazon and Netflix but is there a chance you will be selling DVD’s or Blu Ray copies of this movie? Im going to make the 2 hour trip this coming weekend since i missed the Campus viewing 15 minutes from me. I would love to own a copy of this documentary. Thank You for adding those extra dates, i was torn when the emergency happened for those affected and for missing something i have had planned for several months.
    Thank You for makimg this film. This has been a wish of mine for years since my wife did not grow up in this state. Still unfortunate she will not be able to see this, fingers crossed you will release a dvd or Blu Ray so we can purchase it.
    Thank You

    • Joe says:

      Yes, it will be available on Blu-Ray, DVD, and on-line rental in 2018. A new trailer and announcement will be made next month and posted here, stay tuned. Centralia is also playing in other theaters closer to you besides York, if York is too far away…check out the listings and screening dates on this website, hopefully something is closer! Thank you for your interest in the documentary and it was our pleasure to make a documentary on the town – that was 🙂

  37. While I’d love to attend a showing at one of these venues, I’m seven hours away. Looking forward to the online rental availability!

  38. Laura says:

    Yikes, missed most of the recent screenings – any new places/dates?

    The GoggleWorks Theater here in Reading, PA would be a great venue too!

  39. Laura says:

    P.S. Reading Film Fest also fast approaching!

    • Joe says:

      Thank you! Yes, we’ve screened in many theaters in that surrounding area and will screen in two more theaters in November- in Coaldale and Pottsville.

  40. Ann Drobnock says:

    Will you be showing it around the Hershey PA area at all?

  41. Daphne Brooks says:

    New hope film festival is reviewing films for july 2018 . Have you considered that festival?

    • Joe says:

      Unfortunately we are finished screening at film festivals and theaters and the documentary is now in the process of being pressed on DVD and Bluray for February release! Thank you for your comment!

      • Scott says:

        Will the DVD be available for purchase on

        • Joe says:

          At this time our distributor and Amazon are in negotiations for a purchase on Amazon, but other vendors may pick up the film and sell the DVDs individually in the future. Unfortunately the film will cost more on Amazon due to their contracts and pricing so we’re offering a better price on our website without Amazon.

          • Adam says:

            Quick question: I got my dvd today and I was wondering if this is the full directors cut or not? I remember someone saying there were three different versions of this film. I think it’s celtone pictures. Wondering which one this is.

          • Joe Schell says:

            I received a DVD copy of the movie today and just viewed it. The John Koshoff garage section, which was in the version that I saw in Pottsville at the movie premier, is not included. Also, footage of the clean up efforts is not in the version I received. Also, in your posting of June 18th, it was mentioned that there was 15 minutes of film, including some interviews that were cut out, that would be put back in the movie for the home release or directors cut. Will there be a future release of the entire, uncut movie, or at least a second release of the movie with “extra bonus material”?

  42. JAMES BRUBAKER says:

    Would love to see this at the newtown pa theatre , the oldest movie theatre in the United States!

  43. Patrick says:

    Pittsburgh. Please. I don’t know if you ever made it to the Row House Cinema. But there are many other theaters like the Hollywood, Regent Square, Manor, Harris, Carnegie Science Center, etc.

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